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Portable IMSI Catcher IMSI-P50 (5G Version)

Hocell Portable IMSI Catcher IMSI-P50 is a portable cellular signal intelligence solution which can search, track and locate cell phones by identifying their IMSI numbers. It can also act as an intelligent cell phone jammer to control mobile terminals' access to cellular networks. The device supports 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA & SA, FDD and TDD network protocols. It can detect mobile terminals of all service providers simultaneously, with distance of up to 300 meters.



Hocell Portable IMSI Catcher IMSI-P50 is a portable cellular signal intelligence solution which can search, track and locate cell phones by identifying their IMSI (Individual Mobile Subscriber Identity) numbers. It can also act as an intelligent cell phone jammer, allowing authorized mobile terminals and preventing unauthorized ones to access to public mobile networks.


The system is designed to support operations on any cellular band in the frequency range of 700MHz – 4.2GHz, with network protocol support of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA & SA, FDD and TDD. With up to 8 SDR radios and 18 channels, the system could simultaneously detect mobile terminals of all network standards from different service providers, making the interrogation process highly efficient. The RF power of each radio is up to 5W, and the system’s detection distance is up to 300 meters. Because of the all-in-one integrated design and lightweight, the system is very convenient for portable operation with a backpack.







1. Portable IMSI catcher with antenna integrated, support capturing IMSI & IMEI.

2. Support network standards 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA & SA, FDD and TDD.

3. Support up to 8 SDR radios and 18 channels, RF power up to 5W/radio.

4. Support any cellular band in the 700MHz – 4.2GHz frequency range.

5. Data collection of 12,000 terminals /minute, detection range up to 300 meters.

6. Easy switch between detection mode (search & locate) and control mode (intelligent jamming).

7. Supported 1200 blacklisted and unlimited whitelisted mobile phones in control mode.

8. Automatic frequency scanning and configuration, no manual setting is required.

9. Detected mobile phones could be sorted on APP by their signal strength, clearly showing their proximity. Positioning accuracy <0.2m.

10. Support operation of 7x24 hours, 90 mins of battery life. The battery power and endurance is displayed. External battery could be connected when the internal one is dead.

11. Smartphone based IMSI Catcher controller; APP user interface is simple and intuitive.



A. Law Enforcement Surveillance

The portable IMSI Catcher can help law enforcement officers track cell phones and locate suspects. With high positioning accuracy, the system can guide the officers to the exact building, floor, room and identify the suspects. It can also provide real time indications upon repeated identification from multiple sessions, exchange of SIM card or mobile terminal. The system is applicable to law enforcement agencies and security departments such as police, military and border patrol.


B. Search and Rescue

Search and locate missing persons efficiently, whether they are buried underground, trapped in a building, lost in a forest, or disappeared in a mountain. Not only visible, but also invisible targets could be detected. The searching result shows the presence, number and location of the targets, which could support the subsequent decision and action on disaster evacuation, post-disaster assessment, emergency rescue, etc.

The system is applicable to government agencies of emergency management such as earthquake and fire departments, office of civil defense, search and rescue association, or other SAR units.


C. Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer

While mobile terminals and mobile internet are used everywhere, confidentiality is posing a greater challenge for many government agencies, police, military, court, prison or confidential areas in business organization. The system can detect mobile terminals of all telecom operators and obtain the IMSI information, and then control the network access of different terminals according to the predefined policy. The whitelist terminals may use their network service normally, whereas the blacklist or non-whitelist ones are jammed from the networks.

D. Telecom Fraud Detection

Telecom fraud refers to the crime of fabricating false information, setting up a scam, carrying out remote and contactless fraud on the victim, inducing the victim to pay or transfer money through telephone, network and SMS, usually by impersonating others and faking and forging various legal clothes and forms to achieve the purpose of deception. The portable IMSI Catcher can help to search the SIM card devices that are used for telecom fraud and locate the exact position so as to crack down such crime.



The Portable IMSI Catcher is an ideal solution to work together with drone-mounted IMSI Catcher, with the latter tracking and locating the targets of interest highly efficiently from the air, and the former guiding the ground operations and pinpointing the targets in accuracy of less than 0.2 meter.




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