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Portable IMSI Catcher

Hocell portable IMSI Catcher is a portable cellular signal intelligence solution, which can search and track cell phones as well as locate the targets by identifying their IMSI number. The system is applicable to government agencies of emergency management such as earthquake and fire fighting departments. It's also suitable for law enforcement agencies such as police to locate criminals.



Hocell portable IMSI Catcher is a cellular signal intelligence solution, which can search and track cell phones as well as locate the targets by identifying their IMSI (Individual Mobile Subscriber Identity) number. IMSI is a unique ID number contained in a SIM card used to identify the user of a mobile phone network. The IMSI Catcher is designed with a software defined transceiver, which is configurable to support operations on any conventional cellular band in the 700MHz - 2.7GHz frequency range with current protocol support for GSM (2G), UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G). 


The system is applicable to government agencies of emergency management such as earthquake and fire fighting departments, for the scenarios of disaster evacuation, post-disaster assessment, missing person (mobile phone) emergency rescue, specific target search and positioning, etc.  It’s also suitable for law enforcement agencies such as police to locate criminals or suspects.   



The portable IMSI Catcher is an ideal solution to work together with drone-mounted IMSI Catcher, with the latter tracking and locating the targets of interest highly efficiently, and the former pinpointing the targets in accuracy of less than one meter.




1. Portable IMSI catcher with antenna and battery integrated.

2. Support network standards GSM (2G), UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G).

3. Software defined transceiver that is configurable to support any cellular band in the 700MHz – 2.7GHz frequency range; 

4. Data collection of 3000 terminals /minute.

5. Positioning accuracy <0.3m.

6. Support 80W fast charge; charge for 2 hours, operate for 90 minutes. External battery is configurable.

7. Smartphone based IMSI Catcher controller; APP user interface is simple and intuitive.


Configuration List




Physical Parameters


250*208*85 mm


4.5 kg


Network Mode


Frequency Bands

100MHz ~ 6GHz (700MHz~2.7GHz software defined)

Searching Capability

- 400 FDD + 800 TDD terminal access simultaneously
- Data collection of 3000 terminals /minute
- Positioning accuracy: <0.3m

- Maximum distance of data collection: >250m (open space)

- Multiple targets are tracked and located simultaneously

- Blacklist and whitelist rules supported

- Non-target kicked out time <0.5s

RF Output Power

Maximum 1W/ frequency band, seamless adjustment with step size of 1dB

Receiver Sensitivity

-100 dBm

Synchronization Mode

Automatic smart clock synchronization with bast station

Antenna half power lobe width

Horizontal plane: about 60°, Vertical plane: about 30°


Power Input

Integrated 12V battery, can be connected to external battery/power supply

Power Consumption

About 100W (at full power)Each battery (built-in or external) works for about 1.5 hours

Environmental Parameters

Operation Temperature

-40 ° C to 55 ° C (well ventilated)

Heat-dissipating Method

Fan cooling




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