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Drone-Mounted IMSI Catcher

The drone-mounted IMSI Catcher is a cellular signal intelligence solution based on DJI drone, being able to search and track cell phones as well as locate the targets by identifying their IMSI numbers. The IMSI Catcher supports telecommunication standards of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. Combined with the advantages of a drone, the airborne IMSI Catcher provides a highly efficient solution for search and rescue, as well as law enforcement surveillance.



The drone-mounted IMSI Catcher (IMSIX01) is a cellular signal intelligence solution based on DJI Matrice 300/350 RTK drone, being able to search, track and locate mobile phones by identifying their IMSI numbers. An IMSI, or Individual Mobile Subscriber Identity, is the unique ID number of a SIM card used to identify users of a mobile phone network.


The IMSI Catcher supports telecommunication standards of GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), LTE (4G) and 5G. Designed as a payload with standard DJI gimbal interface, the IMSI Catcher module could be mounted on the drone in seconds. Perfectly integrated with the data transmission system of DJI drone, the airborne IMSI Catcher can reach a distance of up to 15km*. All logged data is tagged with GPS/BDS and date/time stamps, and could be exported for post mission analysis. The software (APP) is installed on the drone’s remote controller, or an android tablet to have bigger screen display.

*According to DJI specifications, the maximum distance is under the condition of “unobstructed, free of interference, when FCC compliant”.




Key Facts


1. Flight control, map, image & video, mission setting and IMSI search results are all displayed in one screen.

2. Get prepared for operation in seconds, intuitive APP design to maximize user experience.

3. Works in 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G network conditions and no signal areas; Works under all weather conditions.

4. Supports two radio channels which could be software defined to different networks.

5. Blacklist and whitelist are supported.

6. Detects visible and invisible targets; Detects mobile phones at a height of up to 200 meters, and underground depth of up to 6 meters.

7. Positioning accuracy reaches 10 meters when operating independently, and  less than 1 meter when working in coordination with the portable IMSI catcher.

8. Data of 400 terminals could be collected per minute.

9. With the payloads, the flight time is over 30 minutes for a single pair of batteries.



Application Scenarios


  • Search and Rescue


Hocell Drone-Mounted IMSI Catcher can search and locate missing persons efficiently in a big area, whether they are buried underground, trapped in a building, lost in a forest, or disappeared in a mountain. Not only visible, but also invisible targets could be detected. The system can easily reach a height and depth that’s difficult or even impossible for a human being to approach. It saves time of searching with mobility and speed, and thus saves lives.


The searching result shows the presence, number and location of the targets, which could support the subsequent decision and action on disaster evacuation, post-disaster assessment, emergency rescue, etc.


The system is applicable to government agencies of emergency management such as earthquake and fire departments, office of civil defense, police, search and rescue association, or other SAR units.



  • Law Enforcement Surveillance


Hocell Drone-Mounted IMSI Catcher is a special surveillance equipment that can help law enforcement officers track cell phones and locate suspects. Searching from the air, with the capability to adjust the height and fly 360 degrees above a building, the system can ensure very high success rate by minimizing RF propagation loss in the air and penetration loss through obstacles. With great mobility, it could efficiently search targets from blacklist in a large area. Officers can pinpoint a suspect’s location only if his/her mobile phone is turned on. Once the target is detected, an alarm will be triggered in the system.


The system is applicable to law enforcement agencies and security departments such as police and border patrol.




Advantages of Drone-Mounted IMSI Catcher
IMSI Catcher Software


  • Main User Interface



  • IMSI Search Result Interface










APP Download:  XP2-Locator.apk


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