IMSI Catcher to Fight Against Telecom Fraud by China Mobile



According to incomplete statistics of relevant departments, the annual loss caused by network fraud or telecom fraud in China in the past two years was no less than 30 billion RMB. In 2011, China Mobile discovered and blocked more than 430,000 pornographic domain names and handled more than 5.05 million spam messages reported by consumers. Using telecommunication network to carry out illegal activities becomes significant and should not be ignored.



To fight against telecom fraud, China Mobile Zhejiang Province Branch has established a dedicated department - Information Security Operation Center, mainly to control the activities of junk message and MMS, mobile phone pornographic information, harassing calls and other undesirable information.


A series of technologies have been used against telecom fraud, including portable IMSI catcher. From big data analysis, China mobile could position the suspected illegal user of telecommunication network with accuracy of approximately hundreds of meters to 2 kms. And then portable IMSI catcher were used to pinpoint the exact location of telecom fraud suspects.





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