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Distributed Digital 5G Signal Jammer

Hocell distributed digital 5G cellular signal jammer is a distributed system that can disrupt 2G/3G/4G/5G and WIFI network services, without interference to mobile network providers' base stations. The system is composed of access unit, remote units and distributed antennas, supporting precise jamming for indoor areas of multiple floors and rooms, and outdoor scenarios.


Product Description


Hocell distributed digital 5G cellular signal jammer can disrupt mobile phone communication services, including voice, SMS and data, by jamming downlink signals of mobile phones. It supports jamming all frequency bands in 2G/3G/4G/5G and WIFI network modes.


The distributed digital cellular signal jammer is composed of an access unit and remote units. The access unit detects the cellular signals in the environment, analyzes their strength and frequencies, synchronizes the uplink and downlink of TDD signals, and outputs processed signals to remote units. The remote units output amplified jamming signals to the target areas.


An access unit of distributed signal blocker supports connecting to multiple remote units. Combined with indoor distribution system, including RF cabling, splitters and indoor antennas, the distributed signal blocker can provide precise jamming signals to multiple floors and rooms. With directional panel antennas, jamming signal can cover big outdoor areas such as squares and channels. The solution is widely used in military areas, detention centers, prisons, research institutes, banknote printing plants, schools, and so on.


Networking Architecture



Deployment Topology



Key Features


Support all cellular bands

The jammer can support all the 2G/3G/4G/5G cellular bands of different mobile network operators and Wi-Fi frequency bands all in one system. And each frequency channel could be controlled independently.


Centralized monitoring and management

Support the query and monitoring of output power and other parameters; 

Stable and reliable monitoring through TCP/IP network.


No interference to operator’s base stations

With advanced TDD baseband decoding synchronization technology and high-precision switches to distinguish between uplink and downlink time slots, jamming signals are only transmitted in downlink time slots to avoid interference to TDD base stations. Filtering technologies are employed to minimize spurious emission of all radio frequencies.


No interference to devices of other frequencies

Out-of-band rejection of high performance can guarantee no interference to devices using other frequency bands such as UAV.


Green and smart

Automatically track the cellular signal in the environment, and output jamming signal on the corresponding carrier to reduce useless transmission power and improve transmission efficiency.


Timing function

Time-based control could be supported to set the operation time of the jammer.