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M2M/IoT Cell Signal Amplifiers

Hocell RP-IOT Series Cell Signal Amplifiers are designed to solve the IoT connection issues. The devices support one or multiple IoT network technologies such as NB-IOT, 2G, 3G, LTE Cat 1, LTE Cat 4, Cat M1 and 5G. Depending on the exact models, they might include single band, dual band, triple band or quadruple band of frequencies, with output power from 20dBm to 43dBm.



Internet of things, or IoT is now widely used in the fields of smart city, smart grid utilities, automatic meter reading (water, electricity, gas, etc.), smart parking, POS (Point Of Sales), vending, environmental monitoring and so on. The common IoT technologies include NB-IOT, LTE Cat 1, Cat M1, LTE Cat 4, and upcoming 5G, providing users with different choices according to their requirements on data throughput and volume, uplink and downlink data, communication interval, time delay, IOT terminal power consumption and availability of the wireless network. But without a reliable signal, these communications might experience interference, interruption, or total failure. 


Hocell RP-IOT Series Cell Signal Amplifiers are designed to solve the IoT connection issues. The devices support one or multiple IoT network technologies such as NB-IOT, 2G, 3G, LTE Cat 1, LTE Cat 4, Cat M1 and 5G. Depending on the exact models, they might include single band, dual band, triple band or quadruple band of frequencies, with output power from 20dBm to 43dBm, which can provide our customers with maximum flexibility to meet their requirements.



Main Features


1. Automatic isolation detection between donor antenna and service antenna;  

2. A wide range of Automatic Gain Adjustment (AGC);

3. High-speed digital ALC; 

4. Output power indication;

5. The device automatically goes into sleep mode when there is no active user;

6. When the equipment is self-excited, the uplink will automatically shut down;

7. Unique equipment uplink squelch function, never interfere with the base station;

8. Automatic balance of uplink and downlink gain;

9. Small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, high gain, low power consumption;

10. With different output power levels to meet different coverage requirements;

11. Low-noise amplification of the equipment improves voice quality and reduces dropped calls;

12. Good aluminum shell shielding greatly improves the anti-interference ability;

13. Easy installation and service fulfillment.


Application Scenarios


Network Diagram
Scenario 1: for area of <150㎡

Scenario 2: for area of 150-400㎡

Scenario 3: open areas





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