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5G NR Autonomous Mobile Network Scanner

Hocell 5G NR autonomous mobile network scanner integrates a portable scanner and a PC with software analysis system. The integrated scanner measures all supported technologies from 70MHz to 6GHz. It has the functions of spectrum analysis, wireless signal direction measurement and positioning, 5G NR parameter demodulation analysis & frequency scanning and so on.

System Components


The 5G NR Autonomous Mobile Network Scanner comprises a 5G NR Scanner and a test software platform. The scanner is characterized by fast decoding, outstanding performance, and accurate data collection. It can provide professional guidance for 5G NR network analysis, structural optimization and quality assessment. It’s a powerful solution that can be used during the phases of network survey, planning, construction, and optimization.



Key Functions and Applications


1. Frequency range:70-6000MHz


3. Functions:Top N、CW、EPS

4. Supported cell wireless parameters test: Beam ID, SS-RSRP, SS-SINR, PSS, SSS, SSB, PBCH, DMRS, Frequency, PCI, SSB Index,  RP, RQ, CINR, Time Offset, RSSI, etc.

5. Support synchronous uplink and downlink, multi-standard and multi-network parallel tasks; support blind scanning and layer 3 decoding.

6. Support intelligent network assessment, including overlapping coverage, cross-region coverage, PCI co-mode interference, inter-frequency overlap, RB analysis, MIMO analysis, SSB beam coverage, etc.

7. Support data importing and exporting, playback of measurement and analysis parameter table, trajectory chart, and automatically generating specialized test report.



Main Characteristics