Hocell 5G CPE Supported Innovative 5G Applications in Hungary



The Budapest University of Technology and Economics, official abbreviation BME, is the most significant University of Technology in Hungary and is considered the world’s oldest Institute of Technology which has university rank and structure. It was the first institute in Europe to train engineers at university level. It was founded in 1782.



Telecommunications company Magyar Telekom (MTel), the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), and Ericsson Magyarország have signed an agreement on research and development in 5G mobile technology. Magyar Telekom is contributing frequency and Ericsson Magyarország a 5G test network to allow research into applications for the farm and manufacturing sectors on part of BMEʼs campus. 


Besides the 5G network, 5G terminals such as 5G CPE are indispensible equipments for the research. BME is using Hocell 5G CPE M110 for R&D projects in the fields of 5G VR/AR, car telepresence, and 5G supported UAV video streaming. The CPE has demonstrated excellent performance and quality during various innovative 5G applications. 


VR CAE demo presented at the Annual Event of the Hungarian 5G Coalition


Hocell 5G CPE installed in a car telepresence demo supported by 5G



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