5G Cell Signal Boosters Help China Mobile Realize 5G Coverage for Business Halls

Project Introduction

China Mobile’s Zhongshan City Subsidiary has many business halls which are street-side shops, and it was common that there were 5G signals outdoors but poor indoor 5G signals. For example, the outdoor signal of business hall A was about -100dbm, and the indoor 5G was offline; business hall B is a long strip indoor space, the 5G signal in the first half of the room was normal, but the 5G in the second half was offline. The two business halls are about 150 meters away from the outdoor 5G macro base station, which has a frequency band of 60MHz. In order to quickly solve the 5G signal coverage problem, Zhongshan Mobile adopted our 5G cell signal boosters. The donor antenna was installed outdoors to receive 5G signal from macro station. The indoor coverage unit was connected to the donor antenna through a feeder and provided 5G signal coverage for the business hall.


Project Achievement

After the deployment of the 5G cellular boosters, the 5G signal of the business halls has improved significantly, and the 5G business is normal. Taking business halls A and B as an example, the test results before and after deployment are as follows:


Recommendations for the Use of 5G Cell Signal Boosters

1. The basic requirements for the application of the cell phone signal boosters: the outdoor 5G signal is stable and not less than -100dbm, and it is recommended not less than -95dbm.

2. When the basic requirements above are met, confirm the indoor 5G signal.

(1) If the indoor 5G is offline, it is recommended to install a 5G cell signal booster;

(2) Test outdoor and indoor 5G signals separately. When the outdoor modulation method is higher than the indoor modulation method, it is recommended to install a cell signal booster. Otherwise, the installation of a cell booster cannot increase the NR rates, so it is not recommended;

3. The pico cell signal booster covers an open space of 100-150 square meters, such as shops, offices with few compartments, etc.


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